3.1.H6.P - Essential Plus 32A 230v Disribution to 4 x 16/1. RCD + MCBs

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  • Sockets 4 X 16A
  • Protection 1 X RCD + 4 x MCBs

Essential Plus 32 Amp Portable Power Distribution Single Phase


This product is typically used with Site Power Distribution / Temporary Power Distribution and is ideal for Film & TV production, Power Rental, Live Entertainment, Shipping & Transport and Computer Networks



  • 32A 230v Plug P+N+E 6h IP44 by Mennekes fitted to 2m Rubber cable 6mm 3 core. 


  • 4 x 16A 230v Panel Mounted Sockets P+N+E 6h IP44 by Mennekes


  • 1 x 40A /30mA 4 Pole RCD Type A by Doepke
  • 4 x 16A Single Pole MCBs C Curve by Doepke


  • Titan Power SO6 Rubber Board IP67

Enclosure Dimensions:

  • 380 x 170 x 100mm (H x W x D)


RCDs Types: This board is supplied with standard Type A RCBOs.

Type AC RCDs & RCBOs are suitable for general purpose loads like cookers, heaters, shower pumps, tungeston & halogen lighting.

Type A RCDs & RCBOs are suitable for general purpose loads like Type AC, but also appliances that use built in circuit boards like computers, washing machines, lighting controllers, IT & Multimedia.

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Lead time:3 - 5 Days
Voltage240V - Single Phase