50mm H07 Rubber 5 Core, 125A 3 Phase Rubber Cable 5G50

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Large cable prices are volatile.

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Normally used as 3 Phase Power Cable for upto 125 Amps

HO7 RN-F Rubber Cable by TITANEX®
Not all HO7 Cables are the same, we now supplyl Titanex cable for its superior flexible handling and exceptional manufacturing standards, we have not found a better cable.

Superb rubber & neoprene sheathed cable, makes this exceptionally tough and flexable in temperatures from -20 to + 85 degrees.
Ideal for outside, marquees and professional use.

Cable is sold by the metre.
Drums are normally 100m long.
If Ordering over 100m we would normally supply complete 100m drums + an offcut. ie order 234m, you would receive 2 x 100m drum + 1 x 34m length.

Suggested Max Current 125A

Large cable prices are volatile. Please Phone 0800 0432 123 for a quote.

BS7909 2011 Code of Practice for Temporary Electrical Systems for entertainment and related purposes, recommends the use of HO7 RN-F cables for outside use

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Voltage415V - Three Phase