5m Extension Cable 16A 230V with 2.5mm Generator HO7 Cable

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Professional 5m Extension Cable 16A 230V with 2.5mm Generator H07RN-F Cable

Our standard length cables come with high quality 16A / 240v Blue 3 pole IP44 Plugs and Sockets by Mennekes
All leads are fully PAT tested before dispatch.

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Professional users always prefer 2.5mm cables for 16 amp applications, as there is less voltage drop on longer cable runs, and less heat build up.

HO7 RN-F Black Rubber Cable is suitable for use at temperatures between -30 to +60 degrees C. This is a professional grade rubber cable often used for stage, outdoor events, workshops, underwater pumps, and harsh industial locations.


  • Plug Mennekes 248 AM-TOP, 3 pole, IP44, 6h in Blue
  • Socket Mennekes 510 AM-TOP, 3 pole, IP44, 6h in Blue
  • Cable 3 Core, 2.5mm H07RN-F normally by Titanex

Note: Now includes the cable length and our logo printed onto the cable.
We can also provide cable with Custom Logo's which costs an extra £1 for each side of the cable. Please give us a call or an email if you'd like to enquire about Custom Logo's.

We can make any length/variation of cables so if you cant see what you're looking for then call us on 01752 817140 and we can help!