6 Way Powercon Stagebox 16 Amp

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  • 6 Way Powercon Stagebox
  • Rated IP44

Powercon 6 Way Power Splitter Box, 16a in & Out, Rubberbox Enclosure

Inlet: 16A 240v (IP44)

Outlets: 6 x Powercon Panel Mounted, 1 x 16A panel mounted

Enclosure: Rated IP44

Dimensions: 115 x 335 x 90 (W x L x H mm)

Weight: 2.7KG

Inlet is via 16a Panel Socket. This adaptor box is not protected by any MCBs and RCDs. This distribution board can be made with a whole variety of options, such as 32a, 64a, 415v, 240v and other options can include MCBs and RCDs.