6x Core Lighting Compact Battery LED Uplighter in Hard Wheel Case Basic

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  • 11hr Battery 40W RGBW
  • Charging Case for 6 Lights

Compact Battery LED Uplighter by Core Lighting, IP65 in Bespoke Hard Suitcase that charges the Uplighters



  • Wheeled hard-case of 6x Core Compact lights (drop in charging)
  • 2x 20W RGBW LED beam (1,200 lumens) for lighting up to 3 storeys
  • 11hr battery - remains powerful and punchy
  • Beam Angle - 15 degree (tilting foot)
  • Waterproof - IP65
  • Optional W-DMX if required



A cost effective, Core Lighting uplighter case with lithium battery power and ability to work outdoors with IP65 rating. The units are lightweight, small and very discrete with their unique CORE trademark styling.  With just one colour, the compact can last almost 18hrs.



This uplighter can also be upgraded to include W-DMX, a wireless communication technology that allows you to change the colour and display of the lights from a control desk. This, truly wireless concept, can transform the scene of any function, large corporate events, wedding, entertainment venue and marquee, at the touch of a button.



• In-built 63 Lee filter plus custom colours; 6 colour chase sequences with fade control

• Integral Bluetooth (BLE) for app control from mobile phone/tablet.Android version Available. Approx 40m Range.

     - Upgrade to W-DMX for greater control of the lighting fixture

• Typical 40-50m Bluetooth Control Range



• Powerful Lithium Ion internal battery lasts 6hrs on full brightness

• Charges individually, in a 6-way charging hard case

• May be individually powered from 24v charger base (available separately)

• 36W dual LED arrays/25W power consumption during charging


"Hi, I am Jeremy Graham, Technical Lighting Sales.  Here is my advice but do call if you need any further help.


Another cracking launch by Core Lighting, this Compact version of the Core Mini is a lovely little unit, with a powerful light performance. It cuts the cost of buying into Core, making it more accessible to some buyers wanting all the performance of a Core Lighting product, without breaking the bank.


The Hardcase is a suitcase style, which is far easier to transport around in a car, with softer edges than a flight case. It also makes the set more cost effective while still being transportable.


Core Lighting are a British product, designed by people who are really passionate about their product. Lee gels are great preset pastel colours ready to go, its easy to control and you can be sure to get great service thanks to the support of this UK manufacturer, quality but its underpinned or repaired by a 2 year warranty.". The only downside now is the reduced battery duration, but its still great.  However if you want more battery life, check out the Core Mini Uplighter.