BUDGET 13A Cable Protector with Latching RCD 13A In & Out

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  • 13 Amp in & Out
  • Latching 30mA RCD

Latching RCD In-Line Trip for 13 Amp cables, from a 13 Amp Supply

This in-line RCD unit will provide the safety system you require under 18th edition wiring regulations, and  protect you, your customers staff and equipment from electrical faults. The RCD is designed to trip if current leaks to earth, the 13A fuse will blow if too much current is used or there is a short circuit.

Ideal for use camping, festivals, outdoor lighting, marquees, garden tools etc.

Simply plug the unit into a domestic 13A socket, test and test the trip, all well plug in your cable or appliance to the 13 amp socket, yes very quick and simple just plug in and go.

Latching RCD, unlike cheaper in-line RCDs, this cable protector has a latching RCD, just like your consumer unit at home. The latching type does not need to be re-set every time the power fails or the unit is plugged in. This is ideal for events run from generators when the supply is not being run 24-7.



Inlet Cable, 2m Rubber Lead with Moulded 13A Plug

Cable - 1.5mm 3 Core Rubber H07 RNF 2m

RCD - 30mA / 30ms 2 pole RCD with Test Button, Latched on or off

Current Rating - 13 Amp - Protected by 13A Plug top Fuse

Enclosure - Heavy Duty Fibreglass

Inspection Window protecting RCD Trip

Outlet  - 13A Socket

Voltage Rating - 230 Volts, 50 Hz

Weight - 4kg