Cable Gland 63mm Long Thread with Nut

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  • Fits Cable 50mm 5 Core
  • 18.5mm Thread Length

Long Threaded Dome Topped Cable Gland 63mm with Locknut in Black IP68 

A range of high specification cable glands for sealing cables. Ideally suited for applications where conduit is not needed, but a termination into an enclosure or bulk head is required. This is a cheaper alternative to the long thread glands.

The clamp design ensures maximum strain relief to cable and capnut torque is maintained to create a gas and water tight seal. The cable gland can be sealed tight to any enclosure face without the need for a separate sealing face washer.


  • Thread Length - 18.5mm
  • Panel Thickness - 13.5mm
  • Cable Diameter Range -?
  • Suggested Cable from our Website - ?
  • IP Rating - IP68
  • Material - Nylon
  • Nut and Sealing Washer Included
  • Colour - Black