Cable Protection Enclosure 32A to 32A 240v with RCBO

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  • 32A In, 32A Out
  • 32A/30mA RCBO

InLine Cable Protector, 32A 240v input, 32A 230v output.  

Adapter 32 Amp to 32 Amp

Mennekes Plug 240V 32A IP44
Mennekes Connector 240V 32A IP44
RCBO 32A / 30mA Double pole Type AC by Raytec
1 x Red Neon to show  Power On
1m in & out of 6.0mm / 3 Core HO7 Rubber Cable

The RCBO protects from overloads and Earth Faults.  If in doubt call our sales team

An in line enclosure to protect cable runs between power source (i.e. house / generator / marina socket) to an appliance (ie lights / boat / caravan / catering stand)

The enclosure at one end will have 1m of cable to Mennekes Plug 240V 32A IP44 , and at the other end 1m of cable to a 32A Mennekes 240V IP44 socket.

Enclosure Dimensions   101 x 175 x 112 = (W x H x D in mm)
Enclosure waterproof to IP65