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Excalibur Screwbolt M8 x 75

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  • M8 X 75 Screw Bolt
  • 8mm Thread
  • Delivery 2-3 Days

Hexagonal, Carbon Steel, 8mm Thread, ZYP, Excalibur Screwbolt x 75


Constructed from high quality Carbon Steel with a yellow zinc passivated finish, as well as being heat treated in order to achieve a high tensile strength. These are ideally used when fixing a variety of hard materials, such as concrete, brick work, hardstone and dense aggregate blockwork.

There are many advantages of using Excalibur screwbolts; they have smaller fixing holes, easy to remove and then re-use, as well as being less prone to cracking concrete and other hard materials when being used near the edge.


They are also referred to as ‘Anchor Bolts’.

They do not work in perforated bricks or lightweight blockwork.


To use:

- Drill hole to the required diameter and depth

- Clean the hole of debris, blowing and brushing works best

- Position the bolt through the fixing and screw in with the relevant socket/spanner


Drill Size – 8mm

Box Quantity – x 100 (Prices are Displayed Per Bolt)

Embedment Depth (Minimum) – 40mm

Recommended Shear Load – 6.3Kn

Recommended Tightening Torque – 40Kn