Extension Cable 10m, 110V, 16A with 1.5mm PVC Cable

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  • 10m Extention Cable
  • 1.5mm

IP44 10 Metre Extension Cable 16 Amp, 110 Volt with 1.5mm Yellow H05-VVF PVC Cable


Industry standard extension cable, complete with durable 16 amp 110 volt yellow 3 pole IP44 Plugs and Sockets. This is a VDE approved product to ensure safety and performs well under low temperatures providing a reliable addition to your set up. A great lightweight alternative to a cable reel.


Length – 10m

Plug & Socket – 110 Volt, 16 Amp – BSEN 60309

Cable – H05-VVF, PVC Cable, VDE Approved – BSEN 50525-2-11

Ingress Protection Rating – IP44