Heater Boost Timer 63 Amp for Outdoor Heating System

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  • Heat Boost Timer 63 Amp
  • Timer 15min upto 4 hours

63A 415v  Rated Heater Boost Timer. Max 190 Amps over 3 Phases. Boost Timer with Contactor & Isolator switch, in H/D Rubber enclosure 

Simply press boost button selecting 15min upto 4 hours and heater will stay on for selected time. 

Used to contol infrared heaters so they are never left on when not required.
Inlet and outlet via a 2m trailing lead made with 16mm HO7 cable

Main Applications: Pubs, Temporary Structures, Temporary Buildings, Marquees, Events, VIP Areas, Restaurants, Hotels, Awnings



  • Inlet: 63a 400v 3P+N+E, 6h, IP67 by Mennekes
  • Outlets: 63a 400v 3P+N+E, 6h, IP67 by Mennekes
  • Protection: 1 x 4P 100A isolation Switch by Doepke
  • Switching: 1 x 4P 63A Contactor by Doepke
  • Timer: 15 min to 4 hr push button On by Timeguard
  • Enclosure: SO8 H/D Rubber Board Rated IP44
  • Dimensions: 130 x 380 x 140 ( W x L x H mm)
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Lead time:3 - 5 Days