Levelling Clamp for Marquee Cader Fixing 60KG WLL

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  • Clamp Levelling 45°
  • 60kg SWL

Showgear Levelling Marquee Cader Device. Angles to provide Horizontal Plain

This bracket is perfect for Marquees with an angled Cader Roof Beam and you need to hang an object, exactly level horizotally.  Use this leveller, adjustuing the rotation screws to tighten and lock in the angle you need.


The Levelling Clamp compensates for angles up to 45°. This is particularly useful when hanging moving head or mirroball motor, as these fixtures typically can become inoperable if not levelled correctly. With the Levelling Clamp you can still design your stage so that the trusses hang at an angle and your fixtures still hang straight down.