32A 415v Plug to 32A 230v Socket

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Adaptor Cable Three Phase to Single Phase 32 Amps for Testing

This product seperates one of the three phases, (normally phase 1) and connects it to the single phase socket.

32A 415v/400v three phase Plug (3 pin), to 32A 240v/230v single phase socket (3 pin)

Uses 1m Black HO7 6mm 3 core. Linked to Phase 1 only. Please request a different phase if required.

By Default we wire to Phase 1 only, if you want the adapter to be wired to a different phase please let us know. ie L1 = N + E are wired, L2 & L3 have no connections in the plug.

These three to single phase adapter cables are generally used for powering single phase devices when only a 3 phase supply is available.

Do call if you need any advice.

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Voltage415v - Three Phase