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13 Amp Tester Plugs

Within our power supplies product range we offer a variety of 13A tester plugs to choose from. Safety is always paramount whether at home or on site, so our 13A tester plugs are important pieces of equipment to have on hand should you need to assess and check wiring, identifying any faults it may have.   


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  1. BZ101, 13 Amp Test Plug with LED & Audible Indicator - No. MARBZ101
    13A Test Plug With Buzzer
    • LED & Audible Fault Finder
    • 200 -250V
    • Delivery 2-3 Days
    Lead time:
    2 - 3 Days
    £28.19 £23.49
  2. EZ150 -13 Amp Test Plug with Earth Loop Impendance Indicator - No. MAREZ150
    13A Test Plug With Non-Trip Earth Loop Impedance Test
    • Earth Loop Fault Detector
    • 230V
    • Delivery 2-3 Days
    Lead time:
    2 - 3 Days
    £74.98 £62.48
  3. Kenable 13A Tester Plug LED light up
    13A Tester Plug
    • LED Fault Finder
    • 230V
    • Delivery 2-3 Days
    Lead time:
    2 - 3 Days
    £4.90 £4.08
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What Are 13A Tester Plugs?

13A tester plugs are plugs that provide a quick, simple and efficient way of checking wiring. Small devices that are easily carried and transported from location to location, 13A tester plugs can effortlessly be used on site, whether that be high-profile venues for events or more low-key locations. Tester plugs are temporary power solutions, and while they don’t replace thorough verifications against wiring installations, they do provide quick, effective and reliable readings instantly. The range of 13A tester plugs work by using LED lights to indicate any wiring faults that may be present, such as a missing earth, a swapped live and neutral and more.  

When To Use 13A Tester Plugs 

There may be incorrectly wired electrical wall outlets present on any number of venues you work, which is why it’s important to take responsibility for checking these faults as efficiently as possible. These may occur at wedding receptions, birthday events, private functions and more, from arranging lighting systems to audio setups. 

We offer a range of 13A tester plugs, from simple but effective standard tester plugs that light up to indicate a fault, to tester plugs with improved technology that can provide information through safe earth loop impedance indicators. For those harder to reach locations where the lights may not be fully visible to you, the 13A tester plug with buzzer can alert you through an audible indicator buzzer to confirm the wiring is correct.   

Explore Our Range Of 13A Tester Plugs 

See our testers information page for more supplies to help keep you safe while on the job. If you have any questions about our products or need advice on the right plug tester to opt for, call us today on 01752 817 140 and our friendly team can help you.



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