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Digital Multi-meters

Measure Power With Multi-meters


For anyone working with electricity, whether that be through setting up professional lighting equipment or working day-to-day on a construction site, digital multimeters are indispensable pieces of kit to help measure and verify electrical apparatus daily. Here at Essential Supplies, we provide only the highest-quality digital multimeters to ensure accuracy and durability when in use.  

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  1. MTTR01 - Compact Multimeter with USB Interface by Mercury
    Professional Digital Multimeter Tester by Mercury
    • Compact Digital Meter
    • 200mV - 600V
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    2 - 3 Days
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What Are Digital Multimeters?

Digital multimeters are essentially measuring instruments, used to check the status of electronic devices and equipment. Digital multimeters measure the current, voltage and resistance of electrical stimuli, with this information not otherwise being available. Many multimeters have been manufactured to do a lot more in recent years though, such as the multimeter by Mercury – fitted with a USB interface to enable readings to be displayed in an array of graphical ways to a computer, through supplied software. 

When To Use Digital Multimeters

Electrical engineers and technicians will be very familiar with the way in which digital multimeters work and how to use them, though more and more people in various other trades and sectors are making use of these versatile devices. Construction workers in the trade industry, for instance, work with multiple ranges of electricity when on site, and will therefore need to check that the condition and voltage of certain electrical tools are safe before use. Likewise, those working in events will often be dealing with lighting and power equipment regularly, and will therefore make use of a digital multimeter often throughout the day, ensuring power supplies are sufficient. 

Explore Our Range Of Digital Multimeters 

Take a look at our digital multimeters supplied within our power range of products. If you’re in need of an item quickly, see our delivery rates page for more information on shipping times and costs, as many of our items are available for next-day delivery – ideal when you’re in a hurry. If you need to speak to a member of our team for assistance, call Essential Supplies today on 01752 817 140. 



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