Voltage Detectors

Voltage detectors are useful devices to have on hand to check the changing electrical field around AC-powered devices. Non-contact testers can be used to check that the power is off without you needing to touch any wires, for a safer way to check whether a device or item of equipment is live.

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  1. Safety Mains LED Light-up Test Screwdriver
    Test Screwdriver
    • Multi Test
    • 120-250V
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    2 - 3 Days
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  2. Non-Contact Voltage Detector with Visual Indicator -T2271
    Voltage Detector by CK 70 - 1000v AC
    • Test if Cable is Live
    • No touching LIVE parts
    • Delivery 2-3 Days
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    2 - 3 Days
    £19.27 £16.06
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What is a voltage detector?

A voltage detector is an electrical device that detects the presence of voltage. It’s a handy item to have when you’re troubleshooting a failed product or working on a device and want to ensure that it’s safe to work on. Voltage detectors are different from multimeters, as these tackle a variety of measurements and tests, along with the voltage level on the wire, while a voltage detector only detects the presence of voltage. Using a non-contact voltage tester is easy – simply touch the tip of the tester to the wire or outlet faceplate and it will either light up or make a sound if voltage is detected, depending on the brand you have. 

When to use voltage detectors 

Voltage detectors are useful for a variety of applications, from checking electrical circuits in commercial or industrial buildings to exercising safe working practices. These tools can make identifying a problem wire much easier for a quicker repair, checking power is switched off before handling a plug or spotting breaks in AC power cables in environments where lighting and audio equipment is used. They can even be used to spot a break in a wire of string lights to save you the time of checking each bulb for the problem. Non-contact voltage testers can be used to identify circuits for a quick reference point while 2-pole voltage testers safely isolate a circuit so you can carry out electrical repairs. 

Explore our range of voltage detectors

At Essential Supplies, we stock high quality voltage detectors that will streamline your processes and ensure the ultimate safety for you and your team. From wire testing tools that make it easy to check if a cable is live, to multi testing devices, we ensure that it’s as easy as possible to identify problem areas and remain safe when carrying out repairs. 



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