Monitoring Distribution Boards

As well as our standard range of 16 Amp, 32 Amp, 63 Amp, 125 Amp, 400 Amp and completely Bespoke Power Distribution Units, we are able to offer Distribution Boards with built in  Power Monitoring, to help users understand their energy usage, make savings and increase the reliability of the system.

Portable AFDDs by Titan Power

What is an AFDD?

An Arc Fault Detection Device is an electrical safety device that is designed to detect and respond to faults in the buildings electrical system. Arc faults can be caused by damaged, overheated or loose electrical connections, and can lead to electrical fires if not detected and addressed. Even the slightest minor breakdown in cable insulation can lead to arcing which in turn can cause fires.

AFDDs provide important additional protection against fire that other protection devices cannot provide. A major change in IET Wiring Regulations, BS 7671: 2018+A2:2022, is that the use of AFDDs has changed to being mandatory for some socket-outlet circuits in certain types of premises, and recommended in all other types of premises for the prescribed socket-outlet circuits.

The Titan Enclosure Features

  • IP67 Rated: Waterproof Enclosure
  • IK10 Rated: Impact Resistant & Heavy Duty
  • Heat Resistant: Resists 80°C for 100 Hours
  • Chemical Resistant: Resists Acids & Bases
  • Recessed Walls: Intelligently Designed Socket Protection
  • Convenient Design: Stackable with Carry Handles
  • Customisable Design: Custom Engraving Options Available

Portable AFDD Features

Electrical Standards Requirement

Electrical Standards now require the installation of AFDDs in specific applications to improve electrical safety.

Diagnostic Capabilities

Some AFDDs offer diagnostic capabilities that help identify and address electrical issues before they lead to arc faults, promoting preventative maintenance and reducing the likelihood of downtime.

Fire Safety Enhancement

AFDDs significantly enhance fire safety by detecting and preventing electrical arc faults, which are a common cause of electrical fires. By interrupting the circuit upon detecting an arc fault, AFDDs minimise the potential damage.

36 Month Warranty

We offer a 3-Year Warranty on all Parts and Manufacturing Defects as standard for our AFDD Range.

How does an AFDD Work?

  • AFDDS use microprocessor technology to analyse the waveform of the electricity being used to detect any unusual signatures which would signify an arc on the circuit.
  • This cuts off power to the affected circuit which could prevent a fire.
  • They are much more sensitive to arcs than conventional circuit protective devices.

Where do I need AFDD Protection?

Simply put, AFDD Protection needs to be at the origin of final circuis with socket outlets, where the currect rating is 32A or below in the following building types:

  • Higher Risk Residential Buildings (In excess of 6 Stories)
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation
  • Purpose built for Students and Care Homes

It is recommended using AFDD Protection for highest risk properties including:


  • Thatched Roofed Houses
  • Public Places (Cinema, Theatres, Schools etc.)
  • Hospitals and Healthcare, Heritage Buildings and Museums

Titan Power - "Powering the Best"

At our Power Brand Titan Power we say "Powering the Best" - Our Products are Unique to the UK Market and made using only the Highest Quality Components with Bespoke Options. You won’t find more Durable Power Distribution Units.

Each day we continue to strive to uphold that, which is why Titan Power manufactures Portable Power Distribution with AFDD Protection built in from some of the industry's highest quality components such as ABB, Doepke and Wylex. Titan AFDD boards are used to supply power to Portacabin Accommodation, Displays at Museums and Art Galleries, Temporary Cinemas, and Festivals. The list continues to grow year on year.