PowerLock Cable Set 35mm² Line Drain and Lug. Max 169 Amps

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  • 35mm² - Select your Length
  • PowerSyntax Connector

3 Phase Cable Set, 5 Single Core 35mm Cables, Drain and Lug Connectors H07RNF Rubber Cable

The Titanex H07RN-F 35mm single core cable is rated Max 169 Amps. This is a set of 5 single core cables L1, L2, L3, N & E, with a 480A Drain connector by Power Syntax.

Cables are often used to connect generators to power distribution boards and other high current applications, making their reliability critical for high power circuits. After extensive testing, Titan Power have chosen what we consider to be the most reliable parts available - Our connectors are by PowerSyntax, and Rubber H07RN-F cables by Titanex.

We manufacture these cables in-house at Titan Power. Delivery is normally 2-3 days, however should you require an urgent delivery please call as we can normally help.

For advice on choosing the correct sized cable for your application, please let us know. If you know cable lengths and electrical loads in amps, we can suggest the most suitable cable size for you.


Line Drain Connector Details


  • Brand: PowerSyntax
  • Compatibility: Vean PowerLock, Powerline, Powersafe connectors
  • Connector Max continuous Current: 480 Amps
  • Test Voltage: 4500 V AC
  • IP Rating when joined: IP67
  • Temperature Range: -30 to 120 Degrees C
  • EU Connector Colours: Brown, Black, Grey, Blue, Green
  • CE EN/ESI Compliant


Cable Details


  • Brand: Titanex
  • Material: Black Rubber Cable
  • Type: H07RN-F Single Core
  • Rated Voltage: U0 / U 450 / 750 V
  • Max Rated Current in open air: 169 Amps
  • Temperature Range:  -25 to +55 Degrees C
  • Weight: Approx. 0.5kg / core / metre