Stage Rail 2m for DuraStage 750

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2 - 3 Weeks
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  • 2m Hand Rail
  • Use for Stage Decks

200cm Handrail for Stage Decking - Portable Aluminium Stage

Fabulous quick set up professional grade rails


This stage rail is made out of aluminium to ensure sturdiness and safety. This is to be applied to the edge of your stage decking using the relevant clamps and adaptors detailed below. 

The rail is complete with 2 Rail adaptors when ordered.

Spare Accessories – To attach rails to decking

Rail Adaptor - HTS/SRA 

Two Adaptors required per rail

Optional Accessories – To join rails to each other

Rail Connector - >HTS/SRC

Two Connectors required per join of two rails

Technical Specs:

Height: 1203mm
Weight: 3,5kg

Normally 5-7 days. Please call if required more urgently, we can normally help if asked.