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Wire Rope Cutters 7mm Max

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  • 7mm Wire Rope Cutters
  • Large - Two Handed

Large Two Handed Wire Rope & Cable Cutter, Max 7mm 

This is a reliable, Efficient and ergonomic product that cuts through 7mm / 0.35inch Cable or wire. It is comfortable and light weight with a helpful lever effect and can make a clean cut without damaging the cable due to its triangular cutting system. It is very easy to use with the blades and fastenings in high-quality hardened steel. Very tough, unbreakable handles with the parts that are subject to wear and tear can easily be replaced.

Max Wire Diameter - 97mm

Weight - 750 Grams / 0.75oz

Length - 325mm / 12.7 Inches

Can be used on a wide range of wires and cables, including:

  • Stranded Wire Rope
  • Steel Wire
  • Fencing Wire
  • Copper & Aluminium cable
  • Bowden Cable
  • Steel Rods