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400A 400v Powerlock Distribution Board - 1 in 2 Out

Lead time:
1 - 2 Weeks
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  • Sockets - 2 x 400A
  • Protection - None


  • Inlet: 400A 400v Panel Drains, L1, L2, L3, N, E, rated IP67 by PowerSyntax
  • Outlets: 2 x 400A 400v Panel Drains, L1, L2, L3, N, E, rated IP67 by PowerSyntax
  • Protection: Straight Through - No Protection
  • Enclosure: Titan Power Block V40 - IP67
  • Dimensions: 290 x 430 x 320mm (W x L x H)


Powerlock 2 Way Splitter by Titan Power 400 Amp 5 Pole 400v


The Titan Splitter Block, is often used near generators, to split powerlock cables 2 ways. 1 x set of Powerlock Drains in, 2 sets of Powerlock Sources out. We use the superior Power Syntax panel Drain & Sourse connectors for increased reliability.

Titan Power products are used for Site Power Distribution & Generator Power Distribution and are ideal for Event Production, Film & TV, Motor Sport, Marine, Construction & Industrial Power. We only use Mennekes Plugs & Sockets & Titan Enclosures.


Our smaller rubber block series are strong and solid but also very portable with strong rubber grip handle. Very robust and with IP67 Housing.