Black Galvanised Wire Rope 2-3mm 7 x 7 Drum 100m PVC Coated

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  • 100m Drum
  • Black PVC Wire 3mm

Wire Rope with Black PVC Coating 3mm Diameter


  • Galvanised Steel Wire Rope
  • Black PVC Coating
  • Overall Diameter approx 3.2mm
  • Wire Rope Diameter 2mm
  • 7 x 7 Construction
  • Min Breaking Load 280kg
  • Coil length 100m

Suggested Wire Joiners

  • Large Gripple SKU HGRIP/M   see
  • 3mm Wire Rope Gripple  SHU HGRIP/R  
  • Medium Zip Clip  SKU HGRIP/DM  see
  • Thimble 3mm  SKU HTH04  see
  • Wire Rope Grip  SKU HWR03  see 

Wire Cutters

  • Wire Rope Cutter SKU  WWC  

Essential Supplies offer a service of making galvanised wire ropes on any specific length to order. 

We have crimping facilities, so eyes can be neatly made. 

Please enquire about pricing.