Charge Compact Plus

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Portable EV Charger Type 2 11kw Mennekes Amtron with Links to Extra Chargers

Charge Compact Plus linking multiple Fast Chargers for Electric Cars

With the number of electric cars on the rise more and more charging points will be needed. The Charge Compact Series has been developed to charge electric cars at any location. The Charge Compact is handy, easy to set up and safe to use.

The Type 2 charging socket is compatible with all electric vehicles currently sold in Europe. 11kW is a fast 3 Phase charge, if your vehicle only charges at 3kW from the same Type 2 socket, then this charger will also match your car, and charge at the highest rate possible.

The Compact Plus model, has the same features as the Compact, with an additional Titan Handy power distribution to power extra Compacts & extra Compact Plus chargers. The distribution has 3 x 32A /415v in + 2 x 16a 415v outlets (for Compacts) + 1 x 32A 415v outlet (to link to another Compact Plus)

  • Input: 1.5 meter H07RN-F 5x2.5mm² power cable with plug CEE 400V 16A 5-pole.
  • Unprotected link: 400v 32A 5pole
  • Output:
    • 1x 11kW (16A, 3 phase) Type 2 charging plug provided with 5 meter cable
    • 1x Cee 400V 16A 5pole (power supply Mennekes type 2 on rear side)
    • 1x Cee 400V 16A 5pole (power supply CHARGE COMPACT V90.1.0296)
  • Circuit Breakers:
    • 1x Built-in DC-earth leakage protection (>6mA) according to latest standard
    • 2x MCB 16A 3pole + N C-char.
  • Modern high quality design, where even the temperature in the housing is checked to prevent overheating.
  • Selectable charge current 6A, 8A, 10A, 13A, 16A
  • Waterproof to IP44
  • Weight 16kg
  • Dimensions 365 x 340 x 605 mm (l x w x h)
  • Charging Rate 11kw @ 3 Phase, 3.7kw @ single phase

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Voltage415V - Three Phase