Magical ways to light up your life with fairy lights 

Sparkly, twinkly, luminescence – fairy lights are mesmerising.  

Traditionally, they’re used to bling up a party spaces especially in December, but these sparkly beauties are not just for Christmas. 

One of the most important things to keep in mind, when designing your event space, is the atmosphere you are trying to create. 

Using lighting to create a strong and enticing ambience is an age-old technique and fairy lights are one of the most versatile forms, giving you the flexibility to make any venue irresistible. 

Here we look at the versatile ways you can use these affordable and often underrated lights. 

Pics: @HatchMarquees (top), @wingseventsltd (bottom)

Creating a star-studded ceiling or canopy using strings of lights stretched from a centre point give a luxurious effect like these images above. Finished with coloured lighting it transforms this marquee into something other-worldly.  

A fairy light wrapped trellis, beam, post or even table legs can accent the most charming features of a venue. If you have a woodland or rural setting why not wrap a tree and highlight natures charm like these pictured below. 

Using a length of fairy lights to illuminate a path or walkway combines functionality with serene beauty, not to mention a romantic atmosphere. 

Essential Supplies fairy lights come in black or white so picking the right colour for your project can make the leads disappear leaving the lights the only stand out feature.  

Pic: @SamiTipiEvents

You can use various lengths twisted together or just hung in different length loops as you see pictured above across the front of this Tipi opening to give a brighter effect. 

And, accenting your Tipi is even easier with our Packages all made up and ready to order in one click, see here. 

Our starter sets of a basic package or canopy package include our fairy lights made from commercial-grade rubber rather than domestic PVC, these more durable and hard-wearing fairy lights are suitable for temporary short-term outdoor use. 

As darkness falls the magical, ambient glow of fairy lights make stunning backdrops and Insta worthy pictures. 

Using 6x 12-way adaptors to make curtains can highlight walls and doorways and is yet another use to these versatile lights – letting the guests feel engulfed in a new world. 

The fairy light curtains pictured above are enhanced by coloured paper lanterns and uplighters making the whole room look opulent and cosy – it just screams elegance. 

For a completely different effect, we also have cold white lights which leans towards blue in colour to create a cool clean, almost icy feel. 

We hope we’ve inspired you to ‘light up your life’ in a few different ways, for more inspiration check out our other blog posts.  

Design not for you – don’t worry we have you covered!  

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