Love Island Lighting – Get the Look!

As well as world cup fever here at Essential Supplies, some (most) of us are avid viewers of Love Island.

Glued to the sofa every evening (with my iconic must have Love Island water bottle) you’d be hard pressed to wander into our office in the morning without overhearing discussions about, Meg, Wes, Georgia or Laura!

However the thing that catches our eye are the festoon lights illuminating the villa – Essential Supplies sell a very similar range of festoon lighting suitable for inside and outside use as demonstrated from a few customers below.


With shorter lengths and longer lengths as well as outdoor IP rated you can create the look really simply. We stock 10m festoon, 20m festoon, 50m festoon and 100m festoon, in both rubber and PVC cable.

Please click here to see our stock range –

We also sell traditional and LED Lamps for festoon, in golf ball or GLS style.


If you need bespoke lengths or bespoke spacing we can also offer this service. If you need help deciding what length, which lamps, or how to hang your festoon lighting then please do not hesitate to give Alex in our technical department a call. 01752 817140

(However, if you want to chat about Love Island please call Sharon, Louise or Dannielle!)

Ps. Dani and Jack to win!